Prerequisites to set up 2NFORM Sync for ArcGIS Enterprise

Three things you need to be ready

  1. ArcGIS Enterprise 

If your agency doesn't already have an account please contact Esri for more information

2. Assign 2NDNATURE as an ArcGIS Enterprise named user 

In order to establish the digital connection between 2NFORM and ArcGIS Enterprise, 2NDNATURE will be required to hold a named Creator user type and Publisher role. Please create and share the login information with your 2NDNATURE Implementation Lead. This Creator user is controlled by your organization. 

3. Esri Field Maps

Esri Field Map licenses for your field staff responsible for inspections. Once the digital sync is established, Esri Field Maps can be used to complete 2NFORM field inspections using the pre-configured forms.

Last Updated: September 18, 2023