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How do I run swTELR?


It is a 4-step process, starting with populating the Structural BMP and Low Impact Development Modules with the appropriate inventory and assessment data. We have created a checklist to help users prepare all required data, and more details on the steps are provided below.

STEP 1: Add Assessments

Structural BMPs

  • Assess all Decentralized BMPs
  • Assess all Centralized BMPs
  • No more than 2 Centralized BMPs per catchment (counting treatment trains as 1 BMP)

Low Impact Development

  • Assess Parcel Condition

STEP 2: Prepare swTELR

Data Tab

  • Pull in Structural BMP data for green check mark
  • Pull in Parcel data for green check mark
  • Add Road Data with Road Calculator for green check mark


Map Tab

  • Open up each orange catchment
  • Add flow path data for all centralized BMPs
  • Add treatment train information for applicable centralized BMPs
  • Ensure all catchments are green & ready
  • Green check mark next to Prepare

STEP 3: Run swTELR

  • Click Run TELR button
  • Review MS4 Results Map (Runoff Rate, Particulate Rate, Percent Runoff)
  • Review MS4 Progress Chart
  • Review Catchment Progress Charts

STEP 4: Accept Results & Submit

Submit to Regulator by clicking “Accept Data for [year]” in map view of Prepare tab.