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How do I record assessments for private BMPs? My permit only requires self-certification from the landowners.

If self-inspection letters are received as "Desired," BMPs associated with that project will receive full volume and/or sediment reductions.

Users can record when self-certification letters are sent and received from private landowners in the Low Impact Development Tool. If BMP conditions are marked as "Desired" in the self-certification letters, all BMPs will provide volume and/or sediment reductions. Instructions below:

  1. Navigate to the Low Impact Development Tool
  2. Switch to List View
  3. Click on the icon to mark that letters have been received for a certain project (You can also use the checkboxes to mark multiple projects at once)
  4. Record the date the letters were received and whether BMPs are in Desired or Poor condition
  5. Click Save
  6. The associated project and it's BMPs will turn either green or red to indicate the condition