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Best Practices for Creating a Plan

Follow these tips to build a meaningful stormwater plan.


  • The creation of a stormwater resiliency plan is a series of iterative tasks to define the objectives and focus of the plan. 
  • Evaluate the most suitable properties based on your objectives by completing the desktop analysis and investigating the potential cost recovery opportunities. The more you can learn about high ranking properties the more certain you will be about the suitable properties you select. 
  • Shelve properties that have concerns or fatal flaws that would mean they are not good candidates based on your objectives. Consider reviewing other top ranking properties, including the desktop analysis and potential cost recovery opportunities, to increase the data richness of more than the initial recommended properties. Document any assumptions or other property-specific information in the notes sections. 
  • Iterate properties in and out of the ‘selected’ phase to evaluate the potential impact and cost scenarios for different combinations of properties.